Sensor technology
Precise overview in every situation

Simultaneous, immediate and highly sensitive

A modern Formula One vehicle collects data simultaneously from over 500 sensors.
The huge amount of information recorded and processed by this technology is extraordinary. Accurate data generated under extreme conditions. Over time, this has led to sensor technology which is both increasingly sensitive as well as ever more powerful.
Fuchs Neue Technologien is using this Formula One know-how as an inspiration and is continuing the development of the sensor technology. Special sensors in the extraction and filter units collect a wide variety of data in accordance with the requirements of Fuchs Umwelttechnik. These sensors provide information on pressure, temperature, oxygen content, volumetric flows and the degree of saturation of the filters.
With their wide range of data capture options, sensors make processes safer, facilitate monitoring of technical processes and save valuable time.
All devices of Fuchs Umwelttechnik are equipped with these sensors based on Formula One technology, to increase the user friendlyness of our extraction and filter systems.
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