Fluid mechanics
The art of understanding how the wind blows

F1 externals provide the internal characteristics for our devices

"We looked at the aerodynamics of our racing cars for ideas on improving the airflow inside our extraction and filter units."
Above a certain speed, Formula One racing cars can even drive on the ceiling, such is the downforce generated by their sophisticated aerodynamics. What's so interesting here is that the downforce is generated not by the front or rear wing, but by the sophisticated fluid mechanics of the underbody. The expansive suction literally pulls the car onto the road.
At Fuchs Neue Technologien, this understanding of fluid mechanics feeds into our continuous optimisation of Fuchs Umwelttechnik extraction and filter units. Their aerodynamics provide perfect efficiency. Their entire internal construction is designed to optimise flow behaviours, ensuring maximum extraction performance with minimum energy.
Our flow engineers' insights also feature in our detection systems (extraction hoods, extraction nozzles and cabins) so that optimum extraction can be achieved for each application. Of course, effective detection also saves valuable energy.
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