Core values based on connected solutions

Connected extraction and filtering –
future ready, today

Digitally-equipped interconnected extraction and filter units with constant self-monitoring are the latest development from Fuchs Neue Technologien. With these certified, intelligent units, Fuchs Umwelttechnik's product range is set for the digital industrial revolution.
Networked via Ethernet, these new extraction and filter units can order their own filters and spare parts, as well as troubleshoot or download updates.
It's an important step towards limiting interruptions to day-to-day workflows, allowing personnel to focus their efforts on essential processes.
All of our new machines can be supplied with this circuit board when required. But we haven't forgotten the existing customers at Fuchs Umwelttechnik. Nearly all of our existing devices can be retrofitted for digital compatibility, too.
When we designed these digital modules, Fuchs Neue Technologien used the hardware architecture of the Formula One telemetry. Our engineers then systematically redeveloped it for the new applications. Our digital extraction and filter equipment has distilled Formula One know-how built in.
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