The season kicks off to a promising year

Mugello 1st, 3rd and 4th of April 2019: The season kicks off to a promising year

At last, after a five-month winter break, the first days of testing have finally arrived for the TeamFNT – unloading and assembly. Vehicles and equipment are rolled into place. The empty pit is transformed into a perfectly equipped F1 zone in no time. Everything has its place, orderly and efficient. Tool trolleys are close at hand, cables are laid over the hall floor safe from stumbling, laptops display the relevant vehicle data and not to forget, of course, that waste boxes ensure clean and tidy work areas. Vehicle preparation: The transport wheels make way for the racing tyres, packed in heating blankets, operating fluids are filled, engines warmed up and electronics checked. Everyone in the team can rely on his team mates, efficient and professional, both on the TF 105 with its 10-cylinder heart and on the eight-cylinder TF 108. This teamwork means safety. The safety on which the drivers of these high-tech racing cars depend.

The gates are open. The last puddles from the overnight rain are drying out and the TF 105 rolls out for its first miles of the year. It completes all its test laps successfully. It's thumbs up for the TF 108 too. The preparation and optimisations of recent weeks give an added plus in reliability for these Formula One veterans. Because there are a lot more miles to come in 2019. The Bosch Hockenheim Historic is coming soon at the end of April.