Mugello 02/2018

Two Formula 1, three GT3 and plenty of goals on board. Plus a resurgent, white and green Abarth for its maiden voyage following long, professional revision and a sleek, little red darling from Berni Motori.

Tuesday afternoon. Mugello Circuit. Traces of the MotoGP weekend as far as the eyes can see.
Unloading, handled with perfection, millimetre accuracy with the cars and precision assembly logistics go hand in hand.

Wednesday 8 am. The tyres are under electric blankets, engines are being warmed up, the laptop checked repeatedly. The GT3's and the white and green Abarth start running their laps at 9 am.

Brief pit stops and then back on to the track. A fire-up in between. 10 cylinders roar loudly, goose bumps and racing pulses. And then it's out of the pit lane and speeding through the bend combinations. The Toyota TF105 is in its element. Lap for lap.

It is followed by the Toyota TF108. The same meticulous procedures. Now it counts - the final tests before the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This bella machina from Cologne should capture peoples' attention there in July. Everything is going according to plan. The team looks satisfied. Professionalism.

Once the Formula 1 cars are back, the Abarth or GT3 set off again on the track. And so the days pass by lap for lap; it's already 5 pm. Twilight falls over the track, silence, the engines are standing still. But the day's not over yet. Many a pit gate opens up with a wonderful evening birthday surprise.