Mugello 04/2018

The focus is on the Toyota TF 108. The technicians and engineers of the Team FNT drew the appropriate conclusions from their analyses of the last events. These conclusions led to more efficient solutions which were put into practice in the TF108 during the last few weeks. The decisive optimisation of the cooling at the rear end is a stratagem which will considerably prolong the life of the high-tech vehicles.
But no development can get by without tests: Now it's time for practice to confirm all the theory. Will everything work to full satisfaction?
Patience. It now takes longer for the autumn sun to heat up the track even in Mugello. Then the green light comes on. The TF 108 rolls out of the pit lane and the first laps confirm that the work has been perfect. Once again. Thumbs up. Lap after lap after lap follows. 8 cylinders, immense performance and a sensitive chassis are as dynamic as if they had come fresh from the factory in a leap through time.

You have to remember, what we are looking at here are Formula One cars which were racing 10 years ago and more. And they still look modern today, these elegant, aerodynamically tailored shells over concentrated high technology on four wheels. Built to stretch the limits.
But, these Formula One vehicles would not move a single yard without a good F1 team, perfect maintenance and optimisations. The elation about the successful test was therefore well-deserved. And that's not the end of the story; these solutions will also benefit other F1 vehicles.

Change of scene – or where there's light, there's also a shadow. And this shadow is cast by all the red tape ... incompetent noise measurements interrupt swift progress on the race track. Briefly. But it can continue. A ray of light in bella Italia...

The red Abarth treasure from Berni Motori and the GT3's are back out and eating up the track. The Team FNT working digitally behind the scenes. Data of the GT3's are read out continuously for even finer tuning of the road handling for example. Initial evaluations of the collected engine data on site are followed by intensive analyses after returning to factory 1.

They days fly by lap by lap. In the morning mist, midday sun or golden twilight – the event was again a highlight.
Now the engines are silent. Winter break. But next spring is approaching quickly day by day.