Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

The professional has a new string to his bow

South of England June 2018. The green island bathed in Mediterranean shades of ochre. No rain for weeks.
A wall of Sahara-like dust occasionally blows over the Goodwood course. At the hilltop, beyond woodlands and stone walls, at first you can only hear what is thundering down; eight cylinders, ten cylinders. Then they appear out of a cloud of dust, the cars from many different motor racing generations. "Oh wow, see that's the V10 from Toyota", many an expert greets the white and red Toyota TF105 from the "good times of formula one" as it races past.
The professionals from the Team FNT demonstrate just how professional work and F1 technology together can effortlessly iron out this mountainous track. Reliable. Even in the extreme heat, 13 years after the end of its racing career.
Back to the pit area – there it stands, gleaming, slim and streamlined, a harmony of form and proportion, every detail well thought out and aerodynamically sophisticated – form follows function for the track. Many of the more than 200,000 spectators have another close look at the Toyota TF105 at the pit tent, crowded around in front when the 10 cylinders fire up.

But professional work also means being prepared. For everything.
That the spectators are so excited by the TF105 is all thanks to the Team FNT's plan B. The unexpected end for the listed Toyota TF 108 is a brief shock. So, they had to fall back on the reserve car, the TF105. Be prepared. Every action is perfect and the Team FNT is back in the game at the next start. The professional has a second string to his bow.
Admiration from other teams, admiration from the organisers.

A well-oiled team, professional work, with each other, for each other and always according to the motto: do your best – Team FNT at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018.