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The season kicks off to a promising year

At last, after a five-month winter break, the first days of testing have finally arrived for the TeamFNT – unloading and assembly. Vehicles and equipment are rolled into place.

Mugello 04/2018

Golden October following that dream summer of 2018. The months flew by much too fast. And the fourth Mugello meeting marked the end of an eventful season. Two Formula One Toyotas and three GT3's are ready for the last laps of the year.

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

The professional has a new string to his bow. South of England June 2018. The green island bathed in Mediterranean shades of ochre. No rain for weeks.

Mugello 02/2018

Two Formula 1, three GT3 and plenty of goals on board. Plus a resurgent, white and green Abarth for its maiden voyage following long, professional revision and a sleek, little red darling from Berni Motori.