Approach – thinking through each Step

The conviction that "quality is our job" and the aim to achieve "value for money" sum up our approach to all projects. We always start with an in-depth analysis and constructive debate – this is essential because problems can only be tackled in any meaningful and logical way with a thorough knowledge of all the facts.

The information gathered at this initial stage is used to formulate the aims and to set a rough timetable. As part of the project management process, we summarise all the steps and stages in detail. Naturally our project preparation includes budget planning and time management. As the project progresses, the achievement of the aims is continually monitored and the project status is reviewed by comparing the current position with the target position.

Any adjustments or changes which arise during the development phase are discussed and duly incorporated. The entire project is continually coordinated with Fuchs Umwelttechnik in the interests of efficiency.