Development – technology for better quality of life

We work on new development projects and add to existing developments in engineering, creating and enhancing designs for top-level integrated solutions. We combine our expertise with inspiration from various fields, such as motorsports, allowing us to work on a diverse range of projects.

Fuchs Neue Technologien believes that top quality and value for money need not be mutually exclusive. The focus for us is on engineering and technology which are of benefit to the environment – and here we see inestimable synergy effects.

"Our experts here at FNT are working on improvements and potential new breakthroughs in a bid to put technology at ease with the world around it and to achieve the best possible outcomes for people."

Dipl.-Ing. Harald Fuchs
Founder and Director of FNT

From the development of new products in airflow and fluid mechanics right through to professional motorsports, FNT is primarily engaged in making improvements to existing product ranges. The training of employees for optimised manufacturing cycles and process improvements is another key aspect. And, not least, Fuchs Umwelttechnik benefits from our knowledge and creativity as an external development centre.

We have also succeeding in building up a network of Formula 1 specialists in recent years, with whom we work on enhancements to automotive products and software.

Design, development, construction, project management – we think things out!