Many things appear impossible but why give up trying?  When it comes to the use of modern F1 vehicles, it is a matter of having to find solutions which are out of the ordinary. Approaching problems with our philosophy "there's no such word as ‘can't’" means that we always find a way to make things work.

Team FNT is at your service. We are always adding to the services we offer thanks to our extensive know-how and our many years of experience. Services always available include maintenance of the vehicle stock, support at (in-house) events, and invitations to motorsports events. We love to keep chipping away at the limits of technical feasibility.

Team FNT will provide the full support package for you and your F1 vehicle from the outset. This is where we differ from all other manufacturers. We will keep your F1 vehicle ready to drive, make the necessary adjustments to your car to fit your size, and introduce you to Formula 1 racing. We will explain how your F1 vehicle works, starting with the correct sitting position right through to the right pressure point for the clutch.

We will be happy to service your needs at motorsports events all over the world. Our customers are already using the professional and exclusive service of Team FNT.

We have the past experience and the present equipment and all the modern facilities to provide full all-round support, keeping your racer in running condition and making it a perfect fit for you.

Our F1 vehicles boast originality and an impressive air of singularity.

Chassis and body parts

Having built up a network of GRP, carbon and aluminium specialists over the years, we are able to carry out any repairs of body parts and on the monocoque. We can also make improvements to your racing vehicle and tailor the seat to your size with our experts in mould construction.


It seems virtually impossible to get a modern Formula 1 racing car back on the racetrack and fit to drive again. In most cases it is missing the electronics for the management of the drivetrain and the servo-assisted systems, such as the power steering. We have developed our own software for such situations with the electronics. Our software can be customised for all Formula 1 and modern racing vehicles even if the original parts are no longer available.

We have the expertise to dispel prejudice against state-of-the-art electronics. We will repair or add to the existing systems in your racing vehicle with the ultimate aim of making it an absolute pleasure for you to drive.

Using this technical innovation, we managed to recondition a 2001 Jordan Honda to the point where it was fully operational and back on the racetrack.

Running gear

Thanks to our experience in motorsport – there are, after all, F1 mechanics on our team – we can make the necessary adaptations to your vehicle to perfect its performance on any racetrack. We have the facilities to make professional set-up modifications to achieve the ideal setting for you for your next race.


We have acquired a vast knowledge of immeasurable value in transmission technology in motorsport. Servicing and repairs of racing car transmissions and the manufacture of modern gearbox parts are among the services we offer, as is their upkeep. The adjustment of gear ratios is another service which we will be pleased to provide for you.


When working on earlier F1 vehicles, with a view to getting them back on the racetrack, the operational problems can almost always be traced back to the electronics or the engines. The big manufacturers like Toyota, Mercedes, Ferrari, Honda and Renault have their own engines. Unfortunately the manufacturers do not release their engines during and after the racing season.

Virtually all the other F1 racing teams, such as Red Bull, Williams and Toro Rosso, lease the engines directly from the manufacturers for a season. Therefore modern F1 vehicles which can be driven are very rare. There are only a handful of modern original operational vehicles in the world which can be bought by enthusiasts. And only an original F1 will hold its value and appreciate in value.

Team FNT has the technical know-how to restore all the engines and to put the electronics back in working order. These electronics can only otherwise be sourced from the vendor on a licence basis. Our employees and motorsports engineers from different F1 teams set to work on these systems. We have excellent contacts in Formula 1 through our employees. We have established a network with all the Formula 1 racing teams.

Our engine specialists boast extensive experience both in development and on the racetrack. We can apply this knowledge exactly where it is needed in relation to the design and maintenance of your Formula 1 vehicle and therefore exploit the capacity of your engine in terms of its performance and service life.


Team FNT has a large stock of F1 brake systems made by AP, BREMBO, CARBON INDUSTRIES and HITCO. Therefore we can always find the right brake system for your vehicle.