AUTOMOTIVE – A Passion for Motorsports

It was his love of engineering which drove H. Fuchs to the top. And so it was just a question of time before his fascination for the peak of his field - motorsports - prompted him to set up Team FNT, the automotive department of Fuchs Neue Technologien (FNT).

The effort and technical expertise required to put a Formula 1 vehicle on the racetrack is comparable with the feats of engineering seen in the aerospace industry. Another similarity is that both sectors only use high-quality materials and employ experts with the very best training.

Therefore modern F1 vehicles which can be driven are very rare. There are only a handful of modern original operational vehicles in the world which can also be bought by enthusiasts. And only an original F1 will hold its value and be able to appreciate in value.

So committed were we to preserving and developing this engineering expertise from the field of motorsports that we made it our aim to keep modern F1 vehicles operational at all times. It is to our advantage that we can call on the in-house engineering and electronic developments of Team FNT.

In the summer of 2012 we were able to move into the block of buildings fully renovated for the motorsports department. Our workshop facilities and offices are up to Formula 1 standards and boast the very latest state-of-the-art equipment.

The professionalism of Team FNT has earned respect and is held in high regard on the motor racing scene. All the members of Team FNT – engineers, technicians and mechanics with decades of experience in motorsport – have the pleasure of an absolutely perfect working environment in our buildings. They have the technical expertise to inspect and service Formula 1 vehicles of all eras, relishing the challenges and the scale of the work involved in these tasks.

Not only is H. Fuchs an innovative manager and engineer in Team FNT but he also holds an A-category licence as a racing driver with almost 30 years of experience in historic motorsport. Having clocked up more than 20,000 kilometres in various Formula 1 racing vehicles, he is highly esteemed in professional circles and his constructive advice is very much sought after by fellow drivers who value his opinions and experience.

Word of our dedication and commitment has got around on the professional motor racing circuit. Team FNT has therefore had the privilege in recent years of attending various motor racing events. These have included our own events as well as the exclusive track days in Mugello (Italy) and the Jim Clark Revival at the Hockenheimring.

We are also regularly invited to Great Britain by Lord March to attend his spectacular events in Goodwood (Sussex) where we not only get the chance to put our Formula 1 racers on show but we also get to demonstrate our capability to the spectators on demonstration laps or the legendary "Hill Climb".

Team FNT is on hand to provide vehicle support at all the events, and more besides, in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the track. It is our pleasure to provide these services for our customers, motorsports enthusiasts and for the maintenance of our vehicles.